A privileged situation

Viaduc de Millau - Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses - Gorges du Tarn ...

The Hôtel de la Muse et du Rozier is situated in a very exceptional place which is unique in the region. It stands in the center of a beautiful 3 hectares wooded park, which is bordered by a powerful emerald Tarn.

At the heart of Les Gorges, and down to Les Causses, the natural environment is wonderful.
The breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape can be admired in every part of the establishment; from the different living rooms to the spectacular veranda, including the outskirts of the swimming pool or the restaurant's patio. The river is within reach and leaves a feeling of calm and serenity.

Destination Gorges du Tarn & Grands Causses

20 kilometers away from Millau and its famous viaduct and two steps away from the little town named Rozier, the Hotel de la Muse et du Rozier is situated on the Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses (National Park) and it belongs to the territory « Causses and Cévennes » registered as a UNESCO world heritage site.

We are situated at the junction of Les Gorges du Tarn and La Jonte, famous and recognized destinations for their beauty and the diversity of their landscapes that you will be able to discover right from the hotel.
This way you can take a walk, ride a bicycle, use your car or bike to visit small towns around : Les Vignes, Saint Chély du Tarn, La Malène, Ste Enimie (one of the most beautiful French little town ) , and Le Rozier (the closest).
The hotel is situation at the junction of the three biggest limestone plateaux of the region : le Causse Méjean, le Causse noir and le Causse de Sauveterre. There, you will enjoy breathtaking views.

Once you are satisfied enough with big spaces, you still have cultural, gastronomic and architectural heritage to discover : from the town of the Templiers and Hospitaliers to the plateau of Aubrac and of the Larzac, but also Rodez and its Musée Soulages ( museum ) , the Millau Viaduct or even the Roquefort caves?  All of these are situated on a path on which we find some of the most beautiful towns in France, medieval castles, abbeys and other architectural wonders.
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An heritage to preserve

Acknowledging that it deserves the whole attention and respect, we decided to subscribe to a eco- environmental management approach which consists mainly in reducing the environmental impacts related to our activity.

The ?green key ? label and our belonging to the title ?Hotels au Naturel? strengthens through values we share the commitment we made to sustainable tourism and environmental respect.

Our environmental actions and commitments in favor of the territory :

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To manage our establishment, we have given a great importance to the respect of the environment because we consider the natural sites on which we are located ( Parc des Grands Causses, Gorges du Tarn, Parc national des Cévennes nearby), deserve a lot of attention and respect.

This is why over time we set up different actions aiming to strengthen our commitment in this field.

We consume in a responsible way :

    - All of our printed communication materials are made of recycled paper.
    - For the restaurant, we make it a priority to select local, bio and nearby producers
    - We bake our own bread with organic flour
    - We planted an aromatic herbs garden to fulfill the kitchen's needs
    - Our welcome products carry the ecolabel, the shower-shampoo is disposed in bulk packaging
    - Over 50 % of the cleaning products and various supplies carry the ecolabel
    - We do not use toxic weed-killer

Waste is systematically sorted for recycling (bulb, batteries, packages, domestic and hazardous waste, waste oil)

We minimize waste as much as we can and to clean we prefer using bulk packaging as well as for the welcome products ;

we do not use disposable cutlery or cloth, we only print two-sided documents when it is necessary. At the restaurant : we set up our own tap water drainage system (aquaChiara).

We use the least cleaning products as possible ( that we chose with an eco-label as much as we can ) and we rather use microfiber to clean up.

We pay a lot of attention to our consumption of water and electricity that we tend to limit as much as we can : we set up excess flow valve on each tap, energy-efficient flush, we irrigate our garden at night and use spring water for it , 70% of the lightning is equipped with energy-saving bulb, the heater is automatically turned off in empty rooms, and bed linen is only cleaned when requested by the clients.

Our customers and the staff are aware of our environmental actions through différents means of  communication.

    - Small posters in each departments
    - Introduction and explanations about our approach in the  room directory and at the reception desk

We recommend our customers to enjoy environmentally friendly activities :

    - We redacted our own little booklet that is available to everyone in which we put all the pedestrian excursions to discover Le Parc Naturel des Grands Causses ( national park ).
    - There is also a guide which includes bicycle circuits.
    - We have partnership with travel agencies and tour operators suggesting hiking or bicycling circuits  (ATG, Cycling languedoc)

We have committed to promote local heritage and know-how to our customers by providing some documents (we have a library composed by books about the surrounding fauna and flora , tourism brochures about sites nearby, local factories and producers)

Each new renovation project is reflected for a while considering fitting the landscape, local distribution network, etc?

For instance, we chose Pin Douglas ( a sort of local pine tree ) to renovate the restaurant's terrace in 2012 ;

We also started a new plan with Le Parc des Grands Causse aiming to modify our outdoor area in order to possess exclusively local species in our gardens so the hotel would perfectly fit with its environment.

We encourage our employees to use car-pooling to come to work.

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